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Buddhist prayers and practices for those deceased

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A Clear and Empty Mind

For a while, Dharma Friendship Foundation, a center in Seattle, has been renting space in a building. The owner was a former yoga teacher and used to have her yoga studio on the bottom floor. Since she’s been battling ovarian cancer for the past 5 years, at one point she closed down her studio and let the center move into the space. Unfortunately recently she passed away. The spiritual director of the center, Venerable Yangsi Rinpoche, has requested that we do practices for her, and then dedicate the merit for her fortunate rebirth and enlightenment.

I’ve found that the past few years, someone I know dies every couple 4 or 5 months and I end up doing practices for them. I think we all live in impermanence and everyone around us will eventually die. I thought I would place some of the recommended Tibetan buddhist practices for her…

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