The Land of the Wu 巫

Shamans, Buddhists, and Other Womyn Mystics

Vimalakirti Nirdesa Sutra notes

Leave a comment  *** This is an annotated copy of the Vimalakirti Nirdesa Sutra


These bodhisattvas were named: Samadarsana, Asamadarsana, Samadhivikurvitaraja, Dharmesvara, Dharmaketu, Prabhaketu, Prabhavyuha, Ratnavyuha, Mahavyuha, Pratibhanakuta, Ratnakuta, Ratnapani, Ratnamudrahasta, Nityapralambahasta, Nityotksipthasta, Nityatapta, Nityamuditendriya, Pramodyaraja, Devaraja, Pranidhanapravesaprapta, Prasiddhapratisamvitprapta, Gaganaganja, Ratnolkaparigrhita, Ratnasura, Ratnapriya, Ratnasri, Indrajala, Jaliniprabha, Niralambanadhyana, Prajnakuta, Ratnadatta, Marapramardaka, Vidyuddeva, Vikurvanaraja, Kutanimittasamatikranta, Simhanadanadin, Giryagrapramardiraja, Gandhahastin, Gandhakunjaranaga, Nityodyukta, Aniksiptadhura, Pramati, Sujata, Padmasrigarbha, Padmavyuha, Avalokitesvara, Mahasthamaprapta, Brahmajala, Ratnadandin, Marakarmavijeta, Ksetrasamalamkara, Maniratnacchattra, Suvarnacuda, Manicuda, Maitreya, Manjusrikumarabhuta, and so forth, with the remainder of the thirty-two thousand.


The Bodhisattva and Spiritual Emanation of Ratnasambhava

The musicality of being is the harmonious wind of a warm evening
It is the jewel of contentment, the shining light of happiness.
Like children playing on a seashore, in the fresh summer air,
So do I shine with the joy of sharing, and the wealth of peace

One may strive forever, never satisfied or happy
Struggling, toiling, never at rest
Or he may realize that all which he may possibly want
Awaits him within, and all around him
His vision is swelled, for it is all beautiful
And his heart is radiant

I am the way station of fertile land in the desert
The golden treasure that bids man to stay,
The sunlight which drives away storms
I hold the promise of a warm dinner or a lazy afternoon
A long embrace beneath lilacs
A cat dozing underneath the porch
A long stretch upon awakening

There is no need for violence and vicious refusal
Nor of endless waste and suffering
Call upon me, and I give you the gift
Of peace and satisfaction, and clear smiles
Do not slash yourselves with razors, that only what you like this week may remain
Nor freeze and burn, kill others or yourself
Why take a thousand miserable ways to Emptiness
When my way is full and pleasant, without strife?

Rest and relax, give and receive
Share and be renewed, while the problems of old
Drop as dry leaves in the spring.

Sujata – The Milk Maiden



Mahasthamaprapta – Goddess of Strength


 *Mantra associated with Seishi*

The mantra associated with Seishi in Japanese is:

“On san zan zan saku sowaka”

Which translates to,

              Om, may defilements be removed, hail.”

“Namo Ta-Shih-Chi P’usa.”




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