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(2015 Mago Pilgrimage to Korea Report 1) Triad Shrines in Gangmun by Dr. Helen Hye-Sook Hwang

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DSCN0138 Peak of Jukdo and Female Seonghwang Shrine, Photo by Helen Hye-Sook Hwang

Our visit as well as my lecture in the northeastern coastal region of South Korea was arranged by Ms. Eungyeong Kim. Ms. Kim, lecturer at Gangneung Wonju University, had contacted me three years ago and requested me to visit her region during Mago Pilgrimage. So I did. We visited several cultural and natural sites including the three shrines, Buddhist temple, Rock of Mago Halmi, and Rock of Mago.

The first place we went was an old town of Gangmun in Gangneung (강릉) City. Gangmun is known for her ancient faith practice of Seonghwang (城隍, Moated Stronghold), whose origin I trace in the Magoist Budo civilization in the third millennium BCE.[i] We were there to visit what Gangmun is best known for; the three shrines of the Female Seonghwang Shrine, the Male Seonghwang Shrine, and the outdoor place…

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