The Land of the Wu 巫

Shamans, Buddhists, and Other Womyn Mystics

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Ruth Denison


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Zen and Jazz

Jack Kerouac: Charlie Parker

Charlie Parker looked like Buddha
Charlie Parker, who recently died
Laughing at a juggler on the TV
After weeks of strain and sickness,
Was called the Perfect Musician.
And his expression on his face
Was as calm, beautiful, and profound
As the image of the Buddha
Represented in the East, the lidded eyes
The expression that says “All Is Well”
This was what Charlie Parker
Said when he played, All is Well.
You had the feeling of early-in-the-morning
Like a hermit’s joy, or
Like the perfect cry of some wild gang
At a jam session,
“Wail, Wop”
Charlie burst his lungs to reach the speed
Of what the speedsters wanted
And what they wanted
Was his eternal Slowdown.

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Chinese New Year Article

a Rabbit and a Dog

Chinese New Year Celebrations – Yesterday and Today

“The days leading up to biggest Chinese holiday are palpable with excitement. Traditionally, Chinese New Year is marked with feasts, new clothes, red envelopes, performances, games, and lighting firecrackers late into the night. The two-week long celebration is the time to visit loved ones, welcome the spring, and wish for luck and prosperity in the New Year.” Read more at

Throwback CNY photo from 1994!

1994.02.13 stick dance2 Dance for the Andover Chinese Cultural Exchange Chinese New Year Party

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Notes on Lady of Linshui

Brigitte Baptandier, The Lady of Linshui: A Chinese Female Cult, trans. Kristin Ingrid Fryklund (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2008), x.

The Linshui Palace (临水宫).

Gutian County 古田县

Gutian county is known as “The Land of Fungi” (食用菌之乡). Fungal exports include snow fungus (Tremella fuciformis) (白木耳) and shiitake (Lentinula edodes) (香菇). Other exports include perch (鲈鱼), carp (鲤鱼), honey peaches (水蜜桃), reddish slab stones (桃花红石板材) and Younai plums (油柰).

Min River (闽江


wu chinese shaman

Lm=Lunar month

x Mt.Lu Sect-Daqiao Temple, Gutian, Fuzhou; mediums

1-2. search for the feminine in chinese religion

  1. Celestial masters of the Zhengyi tradition

the evolution of modern society imposes a masculine presence

  1. 1241 cult of Chen Jinggu canonized; Zhang Yining

inscriptions in front of temples; she lived in Tang Dynasty

  1. shaman wu; 767-790 Min, Fujian; spirit medium cult; magic wand ‘baton’; fasting; tongzi-medium 童乩

biography of Shunti Furen, the Beneficent and Just Lady-Xu Daozang

  1. White Snake
  2. compare to Mazu 妈祖; 24 years old
  3. Guanyin; demon of Snake Constellation-child sacrifice

thunder rituals of the Northern Dipper; tantric Buddhism

1st Lunar Month 15th Day; 766 3-5am Chen Jinggu’s birthday; Dali reign period; yin hour

  1. her brother Erxiang received doctrine of yoga; 3 worlds; shadow soldiers yinbing; Jade Maidens-masters at Mt.Lu; 8LM/13D House of the Snake is ascendant
  2. The Sage Mother; 9lm9d; 3rd Lady Li (Li San Furen) festival 8LM15D; tuotai-liberation from the womb (abortion) which preceded the ritual of rain; her brother practiced “Dao of the Left”-had withdrawn into the mountains
  3. talismans
  4. Mt.Lu – study magic

14 Duck Island

  1. YiWu Lu Shan; Bai Yuchan
  2. Liaoning-White Cloud Temple
  3. Flying mountains; magic boat shamanic journey
  4. exorcistic couple; Zhang Daoling; Mt.Lu sect; Celestial Masters; XuSun
  5. qigong-XuSun used in exorcisms of snakes and dragons; Lin Lingsu 1076-1120; Shenxiao; Rites of the Northern Dipper
  6. CJ does liandu funeral ritual; Great Sovereign of Long Life-central cosmos; Lu Xiujing; Lingshao; among the Qingwei; Zu Yuanjun, ZuShu 889-904 – similar to CJ
  7. taught by Lady Wen and Lingguan Mu/Chen Shou Yuan & Tan Zixiao; Tianxin Zhengfa; Heart of Heaven; Bureau of Exorcism; Mt.Heming, Sichuan
  8. 3 Luminaries-sun.moon,stars; ZhenWu Tiangong; Romance of the Demon Slayer; Linshui Pingyao; Guanyin, Mazu texts;
  9. Huangchao Rebellion 874
  10. mixu->wenhua
  11. CJ’s cousin Chen ShouYuan-daoshi; Su Yang Xiu
  12. yaoren; CJ b. 905; Xindu; Chen Da’nai; Hokkienese
  13. The Journey to the West (Xiyou ji); King of the Monkeys; syncretic ritual tradition of MtLu sect-Buddhism+Daoism; CJ was born of drop of Guanyin’s blood; 3 in 1;
  14. who are the demons? tudi gong; Houtu Furen; Bixia Yuan gun; yao/gui-sexual vampires

yiwu-healing shaman

29.* Chen Jinggu is a Protector Goddess of Women and Children. She died of a hemorrhage from tuotai ‘liberation from the womb.” 堕胎

Bridge of 100 Flowers ‘Divinities’; communities of women – Topley

  1. apprentices (nu mentu); Gaoxiong, Taiwan, Linshui Temple/Yuan Guanzhi-deviant disciple of Daoism of the Left Hand (mao shan); Jiang Hupo; Book of Changes; rain ritual tuotai; women she helps-childbirth, suicides
  2. Tainan-Linshui temple, Taiwan – 10 temples to CJ in Taiwan; (Linshui temple Tainan near Koxinga temple) ritually connected to Fuzhou temple
  3. medium and priest contacts-Xie Fuzhu she is a primary source-shaman medium
  4. Xu Lihua-astrologer; bazi; Sovereign of the Azure Clouds (bixia yuanjun);Temple of the Celestial Daughter Seventh Star (Tiannu Qixing miao)
  5. Ritual of the Lake of Blood; Liu Bowen; Wang Shuming – taiji chuan
  6. Fujian-Mt.Lu/Gutian-Zhang Yining; 1875 homeless bum; Qiu Chuji
  7. child sacrifice – WSG; mummy 3+Goddess

39/ Liu Cong

40 Gutian; Ma Shouzhang

41.Yang Dongxiang

  1. Temple of Jiuniang; She people; Teacher’s University of Fuzhou
  2. Guanyin of the South Sea/High God of the Dark heaven hierogamy; rainbow boat; CJ and her demon double White Snake 44. Guanyin
  3. Journey to the North Mt Wudang; Liu Qi and reincarnation; Wei
  4. mountains as schools of magic; female magicians and shamans; Mt.Lu=shamanism; mountains are maternal
  5. Jiang Shanyu; Flag Mountain -Qishan
  6. Lin Jiuniang; homosexual version/reject Confucian marriage/immortal juice/LiSanniang Ou community cult female divinity
  7. exorcistic shamanic journey ling, xian-mountain being, demons are a double; Chen Jinfeng 36 concubines; Jiang Shanyu-tiger woman; shoujing/qidu, Daoist, Xiangnu…CJ and the White Snake; huasheng yao, yaonu women vampire “I will teach you” Liu Qi -m?
  8. karmic cycle; ling-alien power
  9. Rock press woman Taiyin Sue; pojie guan
  10. Old Mothers spontaneously empty; hua; CJ+WS=CD; ss Zhenyi myth
  11. 8 Birth Characters
  12. wu/yao mummification; liandu rite LiuLong; Xiadu; suicide; ChenShouYuan Celestial master
  13. Zhengyi, Mt.Yu; White Snake vampire sucked Flourishing Scabbard dry; playing female roles; Pear Orchard troupe; daoshi fashi; gay marriage
  14. CJ sacrificed herself; earth vein; Zhengyi-meditation internal alchemy; ei Huacan, Guangzhi; Mengyu
  15. Iron head; xiantian; B&D
  16. Fuxi; Luo River writing; proto Taoist scholar tradition
  17. trigrams and love magic
  18. sublimation eyes; Monkey King
  19. 3 access to female nature needed for transformation; monkey double; Ravine Demon; agn female ducks
  20. LaoTzu/Woman of Jade Myst.Cloud
  21. CJ died following abortion after rejecting marriage; blood
  22. Confucian fate; red pearl; perfumes; du river crosses sanes; dressed up
  23. MtLu specialize in midwifery; China sex life; sex rites registers of life
  24. semen menses; embryo; cult/religion; red dragon; Guan; fruit and water
  25. giving flesh
  26. #24/Xuanmiao Yunu, looking back death; Tushan; bear
  27. YiYin/jing/magic
  28. zhai jiao/the story
  29. Ursa Major, beidou/play
  30. 5th Mo; bagua
  31. trigrams; Zhenwen/tiger/2 divine exorcist
  32. lotus/Zhang keng
  33. Madame Ge-mothers!
  34. woman forest Lin/witchcraft embryos/rain rite/ 5 camps/ red Head Masters sword
  35. collapsed mountain beng
  36. duck/carp/Nu lang shen
  37. union of humans and Gods on vertical axis; made incorruptible/ Zhengshen/xie/houtian
  38. mazu
  39. refine and rescue internal alchemy; broken line individual/soul fragment-hun
  40. revenge/tie to ancestors lineage(86) 89. death
  41. no sooner do they leave than they return/judges, birth register; alien violence indiv women
  42. ascetic, demonic death dealing sexual a vest
  43. Empress Chen Jinfeng; dreams,relics,mummies;ritual of boundary
  44. cure for potentially dangerous wandering soul
  45. possession; phantasm; mummy
  46. Daoist certificate of immortality; woman tigress
  47. enchanted landscape; Gao and Deng; every woman has a flower rep. in heaven
  48. hua-transformation
  49. Ravine Demon stealing vital energies
  50. Lin Jiuniang; aquatic world of the dead; Lady of the Nine Palaces
  51. disleveled
  52. womb mandala-spiderwoman-spun hemp
  53. shadow soldiers; pearl; LinJiuniang-Mistress of the 8 trigrams; 3 Ladies…paragraph
  54. cords of hair
  55. Monkey King; fan
  56. alchemy; Lu Chun Yang
  57. 28 constellations; perfumed pearl

109-110. School of the South (fn6); pearl-lightning, fire and water

110-111. double; vampire; Xue Lao Peak

  1. Stone Vagina Demons

113 metal blacksmiths, meteorites, mull tree; Blacksmith Bird Owl-CJ link-lightning; Spirit Bird, Clestial Sovereign, death in child birth; Sovereign Azure Clouds; 5LM5D; sacrificial (customs fn18 113-114)

114-115. Gui; skeleton spirit

  1. Guanyin and the magic gaze, the divine eye
  2. Celestial eye; imaginary partners; decapitating the red dragon; union of opposites; dream of the womb; Guanyin motif

118 internal alchemy; Jade Mtn, YuShan, Banling Temple; Monkey King medium

  1. Mtn of Flowers and Fruit; Liangnu; shancai; wei tou skanda; 18 lohans
  2. Da’nai
  3. Re…
  4. 36 pojie

123-124. 11 prefectures 33 districts

  1. 36 concubines of Min
  2. Cold palace devouring 36-bones; 7 holes 3 orifices; snake as disobedient female; CJ brings 36 back to life
  3. 3 roles-demon, empress, shaman; sexual festival guan; Dream of the Clouds
  4. Wushan; cannibalism; demonical female force

127-128. White Snake/CJ

  1. phases of the moon, ling, role of female shaman; enemies-adept of Mt.Mao, butterfly spirit; she who pacifies
  2. CJ, Jinteng parallels
  3. XuJia, Laozi’s servant; white, bone and flowers
  4. 36,72 Water margin, Northern Dipper, Door of Life
  5. Tao Hongjing, daofah…
  6. magic in the -Lin & li, Tigress..Chen Jinfeng; Butterfly Dream remnant painting; menyu; dantian, orchids, cinnamon trees
  7. alchemical ingredients-penises of little boys, nipples of little girls; Min kingdom is the body-male female spirits
  8. yuan Guangzhi (head off)
  9. army of women, Tianxin Zhengfa; 36 pojie
  10. fentai; planting metaphor; strawmen
  11. lake of blood-36 pojie must be invoked correctly
  12. God of the Soil/Lady of the Birth Register; Queen Mother of the West; Golden Bushel of Original Chaos
  13. Celestial Daughter Seventh Star; deified land; impluvium; wife SW corner
  14. babies placed on the ground (earthing?); Hunting God; Prince Millet of the North
  15. in defeated area, become malevolent; Gonggong & Goulong; God of the Dead; Yellow River human sacrifice, *archaic religion fell after Warring States Period
  16. split into rational Confucianism and Daosim; deified; Yan Luo Yama; Bai Laoye, He Laoye

148 Lin Bashu

  1. Forest-Liver; CK smeared with yellow earth
  2. jing-spiritual territory; Taiwan 16thC
  3. 3 Goddess Triple Territory; wind is the master of nets and ropes
  4. The Eastern Peak is a God; Jupiter cycles; Realm of the Dead
  5. Lady of the Eastern Peak, (1008), Zhenzong; Jade Maiden
  6. kun-female principle; Azure Clouds capacity, to possess mediums; Soverein of Azure Clouds, E. peak asceticism; Celestial Immortal; Lady of Children; Lady of Clear Eyes; Lady Light of Eyes; 9 Divinities
  7. bedroom, licentious cults, tax, suicide; CJ’s mummy / White Snake
  8. child fetish; bound feet; she travels the veins of the earth; suicide for karmic reasons;Chinese Persephone; Fates
  9. Nocturnal Divinity; Guanyin B Sa Con CJD; Title-Lady of the Birth Register
  10. Lady Seventh Star
  11. bridge magic; Dong yong; taisui constellation; Vega)Lyra) and Altair (Aquila); Silver River; 111; 10th of Ancient Poems Han 162 7/7
  12. hairpin
  13. magpie=fidelity; Qi Ke Yu Sheng
  14. Song Dyn-turning pt in medicine; FuKe
  15. State Bureau of Medicine
  16. CJ offerings in the A.M.
  17. Tainan Temple 1/15 fest
  18. power to distribute soul’s tentai
  19. (was Confucius gay?)
  20. bellies communicate; gender shaped by forces of earth
  21. shamanic journey to the bridge; qutai?;miscarriage liudong flow away
  22. thin veil; women’s bodies; primordial soul yuanqi, xiantian, lake of lotuses; yao/gui steal energies
  23. need to procreate; Tiger Courage hudarn?; taishan
  24. taisui Jupiter; no earth moving; womb spirit
  25. incompatible horoscopes; huoaindiet
  26. polarization;zhai; Bridge
  27. 8 trigrams-one; resonace;images; poor; Tiger and Snake
  28. personal calendar; horse; 6 jia; lake of blood; 100 days guan
  29. seriois care-shamanic journey bridge; 5 sons 2 daughters; Song medicine more scientific; 3rd month; ritual flower bud
  30. hierogamic
  31. curses; wasp (my prebirth story)
  32. butterfly-lust sex parts; Snake-feminine wild disobedient, female demon, orgasm
  33. Snake Constellation; child sacrifice; yujia; basin; Iron Dog; Celestial D
  34. owl; Jing Quwen; Celestial dog; hong thunder; black dog menstrual blood; menstruation is abortion; white tiger under flowers

190.* malevolent star; knife; weddings; newborns; red Qilin star; Jupiter, Qilin San Sheren; 4 star animals; Queen of the West; CJ tiangang, Zhanghou, Tiger Courage

  1. I will teach you to enter my belly; demonic madness; metal west meteors; jiang hudan thunder lightning; curses injure the flower
  2. fu character
  3. potential mother
  4. fruit flower
  5. byballino
  6. baby on grand; spindle weaving maid; pojie
  7. 8 birth characters
  8. ceremony oily rice
  9. rooster
  10. fateful stars, mengkang
  11. birth of fate; time is sexed jieqi
  12. maternal ancestor ghosts, earth spirits, birth divinity, taigui of year; children see world of dead and living
  13. demons prowl; jing terror, gape escape; feng winds, kuang dian madness, guan passes, disorder of polarization
  14. birth characters coordinants; Madame Shen; snake whip,old woman practicioner, xiangshengma
  15. disorder of polarization; du=zhu+mu
  16. adoption; tong yang xi
  17. shamanic journey through the passes
  18. 60 year cycles, sha; nou ritual; sha
  19. Queen/Lady, Xi Wangmu; liuding, liujia
  20. King of Hell, Way of Hungry ghosts

216 season/hour match

  1. King of Underworld; bowarrow?; dog talisman; white metal west
  2. white tiger; Lady of Smallpox; rooster New Year, sacrifice(+owl) duck tuotai
  3. outside family-mother’s; deep water guan, drowning measles
  4. God of Thunder; Daodejing; Gehong-Laozi biography; Xujia
  5. CJ cult canonized 1241
  6. Shenxiao-Linlingsu, Shangqing texts, neidan
  7. keep formulas in the bellies; spirit horn and sword of northern dipper pic

225 breasts

  1. outfit->lady; CJ long red skirt, open front, REDicd?
  2. shamanic model
  3. slave market
  4. yuanshen, willow, yinbing shadow soldier
  5. let’s form a couple
  6. san sheren
  7. buried ata crossroads or river
  8. soul cup
  9. Palace of Nirvana top of head, Jade Clarity; 7/15 tuotai*
  10. xie fuzhu
  11. ling power, can’t live forever-fixed contract 244 xie fuzhu; Xi Wangmu, Guangong, Guanyin; 1st and 15th fruit and veg; yawn-soul escape spirit come in possession
  12. one saves oneself of bad karma by helping others; impotence of medicine forces sick people to dedicate themselves to the devil; women mediums; zaohua
  13. glossolalia; pearl on the goddess’s palm; Hokkienese
  14. Quanzhen tradition, transsexual names, daban, theater; 49 day retreat-water and sugar cane
  15. seizing the 3 treasures; embryo of immortality; mirror work; CJ dressed in gold
  16. seance of initiation ; walk on fire, ladder of swords
  17. apprentices; Red Head Masters; Daoist ZiKong; alien
  18. taking the name; 1/15 bday
  19. g volv
  20. 4 goddesses
  21. trancetcm; western doc, exorcism, ap to earth; web of chinese society
  22. zuowang, self-teaching
  23. spontaneity of forgetting
  24. conclusion-shamanic lineage Snake Constellation
  25. present day immortals-role of women-primitive Daosim


Footnote – notes


265 fn1. the body of the universe is a female body; movement toward the origin, the origianl chaos; become pregnant with yourself


fn10. Mazu

fn23. Chen Shouyuan

268fn30. 2 Daosit women-Cai Xunzhen, Li Fengkong

fn31. Bai Yuchan

fn33. cover painting

fn34. 3 sisters

fn35. Xu Sun internal alchemy

269fn41. Zu Shu*

fn48. Dud bridge on Guanyin

270fn49. Wan’an Bridge, Pu River, Fujian -> Cuo River, Henan (I think ley lines)

fn52. Jade Emperor

fn53. Gr. Emyreon

fn55. Dao-CIM-Hqit

271fn57. dividing incense

fn59. Mt.Tai East Peak, Shandong

fn62. Nansheng She, nan guan music

fn63. 3 Kingdoms

272fn1. Zhenwu/Xuantian Shangdi

fn2. boat

fn4. Miaoshan

fn7. Mr.Ma

fn8. mtn schools

273fn10. lake-mingtang, Penglai

fn11. ?

fn12. Maoshan

fn13. Yellow Emperor/Zhuangzhi

274fn15. Old Mother of Mt.Li; Quanzhen school records, female amchemy, taixi

fn16. Yu Huanji

fn17. Union of Registers, sex rite, Lin Jiuniang

fn18. Chan B, deconstruct genders

fn19. immortal juice

275fn20. moon age alt, silkworm culture

fn22. karmic relations in marriage

fn23. rainmaker

fn24. shoujing

fn25. Tiger God of the Soil; Xi Wangmu/Li Shan Lao mu; Lu Xianning

fn26. arts of the bedroom

276fn27. White Snake and Chan Buddhism

fn30. wushi shan

fn31. Li Shan Xi Wangmu

fn33. minor marriage

fn34. mummy

277fn35. lientu

fn37. Pear Orchard School

fn39. Zhuangzhi butterfly

fn41. Zhang Bo Duan

fn42. Hongren, Diamond Sutra

278fn42. TB/PLB; Prior heaven Xiantian, White Lotus; feminization of Bodhisattva

fn45. vajra

fn46. Lu Dongbin pregnant with himself

fn48. mtn. sickness; eye vajra vagina

279fn1. actual places

fn2. her skills

fn3. Bregatme view, Guanyin fn.Maio Shen

fn6. cannibal medicine

289fn7. register lu

fn8. inverse journey

fn11. uni=female body

fn12. historical

fn13. sun, threats

fn14. female alchemy

fn16. hard

282fn20. original writings chaos

fn21. heart of heaven

fn22. lotuses lake

fn24. magpie

fn25. Dao

fn26. black magician…

fn27. location

fn29 sword river?

fn31-34 underwater town/life

fn36. Split Rock River Women

fn38. xian tian dao sect, Wosheng laomu, HO mummification

284 fn2. san shiren qilin

fn4. opening of the passes guan

285fn6. Mt.Fengdu

fn9. dead story

fn10. dreams apparitions-mummies arhats relics

fn12. women’s quarter

fn13. poguan

fn14. 9 characters

286fn21. CJ as demonifuge

fn22. chaos-N.Dipper-places

287fn23. demons of nature-wuxia

fn27. * bagua diagram, hui, doumu

fn29. unbound hair

288fn31. hemp Mt.Tai; TaiShan ShanNiangniang

288fn32. lightning, yinyang, dianmu, mirrors

fn33. gods that bind

fn35. Guanyin, Manjusri, Samantabhadra net child

fn37. 9/9 child sacrifice

289fn3. Panther Head Mtn., Black Stone Mountain

fn5. monkey 112

fn6. School of the South

fn7. pearl

fn8. Laozi, pojing, lightning owl

290fn10. Journey to the West

fn12. bianque, Qin Yueren

291 Book of Changes, the stoen, Xue Feng…

fn11. chains

fn15. celestial Dog

fn17. weaving maid, 7, 15-7, Avalambana, Xiyou Ji

fn18. sacrificial customs

fn19. great ravine

292fn21. pogui

fn24. yinyang, bottom top

fn25. Zhengao, Yangxi, TaoHongJing

fn31. iskanda

fn34. strange and polarized

fn35-36. Lady Jiang’s Tiger

fn37. Xianniang, diph, measles

295 4 great queen

296fn6. seven

fn7. quelling the passion

fn10. dynastic sacrifice

fn11. sexual festival

fn12. Song yu

fn13-14. cannibalistic

fn15. women’s quarters phases of the moon

297fn17. snake cult, snake constellation

fn20. Snake Prince, cannibalism

fn22. Linjiuniang Lady Li

298fn22. Bixia Yuanjun 23-36

fn25. mingmen

fn26. 12 divinities, sigils, mudras

fn27. Sanyi jiao sect-kongmen xinfa-CJ invocation

299fn32. 32 weihualun

300fn3. Guanyin, Journey to hell

300fn6. Gonggong, Goulong

300fn16. yellow

fn18. Xuanzong

301fn19. Taishan sacrifices-dates and people

fn20. Mt. Fengdu

fn22. LiShanLaonu, Xian

fn23. Bixia Yaunjun-Taishan Miaofeng Shan 4/18

fn24. nightstalker, owl

302fn26. abbot gao rentong

fn29. 3 Sage Mothers

fn34. Weaving Maid constellation

fn35. Taisui Jupiter

303fn36. mother, s..,monastery

fn39. 19 ancient songs

fn42. bao pu R…P…

304fn36. fu 7/7 CJ exorcist, temple stays open 7  ghost month

fn14. 1st full moon feat of Cj, Zigu, 8th month

fn7. power to send soul

fn14. liquid life

fn15. ritual money

fn18. almanacs

206fn20. Taisui, Taishen lump Jupiter Suixing

fn21. universe is female body

fn23. du poison

fn24. Ladies of the Bridge

fn25 shuang res

fn26. Liu Peizhong

fn28. WeiFan; Classic of Inner Vision

fn39. pan hu-dog of 5 colors

308fn41. owl-woman dead in childbirth

fn42. ritual placement

fn43 west tiger

fn44. woman tiger, Vietnam

fn48. red cakes

309fn10, pork chicken fish

fn13. divinities, kailong

fn17. diving children

fn219. fright wind

fn20. demonic beings and maternal body

fn22. old stone tree

fn24. m.wolf

fn25. fashi-roads and passes

fn28. hemerology, iatromancy

311fn30. taisui, Jupiter, evil star

311fn33. division of time

312fn34. fuqing, doumu

fn41. owls

fn42. aquatic spirits, fish lady

313fn4. ensigilation

fn7. xian snakes

fb8. n.dipper, harmonize core of body, guideline yu

fn12. nainiang zhuan

fn17. bamboo, biography of the mother

fn19. celestial net

fn22. star of 9 dragons

315fn30. immortal zhang

316fn34. refusal of reward

fn37. n.dipper316fn. medium, shijia furen

fn3.thunder divinity


fn10 yawning is sign of trance-soul escapes-spirit possession

317fn18. CJ-food source 20 weapons

318fn21. epimala

fn22. divine vision

fn24. wnsts

fn31. hand dragon

for MtMao sect se   Mt.Lu’s rivals