The Land of the Wu 巫

Shamans, Buddhists, and Other Womyn Mystics

Maiden Huang 黃寶姑 (3)

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Far From Formosa

(1: Tainan local women, Taiwan local religion)
(2: Mother Gu Temple 辜婦媽廟)

This post has been a very long time in coming because Huang Baogu’s story is so rich with issues to discuss that it keeps threatening to turn itself into an article or a book chapter. Which, in fact, it may end up becoming if I get one of the postdoctoral or faculty positions that I’ve spent the past two months applying for.

If this post seems to come out of nowhere for you, please refer to the above two links for the first two posts in this drawn out series.

At last, back to Huang Baogu (Maiden Huang). The following version of the story should be treated as a melange of historical fact and ahistorical embroidery, pieced together from the many versions of Huang’s life that I’ve read in the past few years.

In 1862, 20…

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