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Lady Linshui Temple

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Tainan City Guide

Mural at Lady Linshui Temple

Lady Linshui Temple (Línshuǐ Fūrén Miào 臨水夫人廟)

Right next door to the Koxinga Shrine is the Lady Linshui Temple (also called Madame Linshuei Temple, or Lady of Linshui Ma Temple). This is a largely feminine temple that focuses on the cult of  Lady Linshui, the Goddess of Birth and Fertility. While many temples around Tainan feature the goddess idols of Guanyin and Matsu, no other temple has as many female idols or depictions of women as the Lady of Linshui Temple.

Lady Linshui Temple Exterior

Lady Linshui is a deity born from the legend of a woman named Chen Jinggu. This was a woman of the early AD700’s who was said to be the daughter (or avatar) of the goddess Guanyin. Chen Jinggu was a prodigy child who could speak shortly after birth and write shortly after learning to walk. She had a very storied life, but to make a long…

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